Thursday, 15 October 2009

All of the devilish things we do.

If you don't like The Script, I'd advise you to look away now.
& Not once, but TWICE. OMFG.
The first: "Tweet tweet, hoping this goes well today! G" is when I begged Glen for a tweet because he was online, and I asked if they were looking forward to The Ellen Degeneres Show (which they did AMAZINGLY on by the way). I was screaming, jumping & doing all sorts when I saw that in my timeline thing!!!
That was the 13/10/09 <3
Then, yesterday, I saw Glen was tweeting again, so I begged him to say my name, hense the 'Hi Danni!' tweet. Lmao. Once again, I went crazy.
I love Glen so much. He is so kind, and loyal to us fans :)

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