Thursday, 29 October 2009

Being in your life is gonna change me

I can't believe that so much of the half term has already passed. Only three more days. But I can't say I haven't done much I guess, because I've been out most days, and managed to do some (even if it was only a small part) of my homework.
Today I went to a fair in a little village/town near me. The streets were packed. All filled with stalls. It was really cute. And there was a tiny funfair. We went on the waltzers, and the men kept on spinning the individual carts faster, so gravity was pushing my head against the side. And the bar thats meant to keep you in - we discovered before the ride started - was loose. But all of them were. So I was scared about that, even though I knew we would be safe, what with gravity and forces and all that. Then at 7ish we walked to my house in the dark. It was actually quite freaky. Haha.

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