Monday, 26 October 2009

I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale.

Don't they look cute? I love Taylor's hair. And don't get me started on Danny. He looks amazing even with the sun in his eyes. Ah. I had a good Monday. I woke up expecting to have a pretty uneventful day, but my friends (Holly, Steph and Caitlin) came and called for me. So I went out. Steph had a little digger toy from McDonalds. Haha. Then she threw it in the river. We walked to Holly's house, they straightened their hair (mine was wet and in a bun so I didn't want it done) and we watched Aliens vs. Predators. Well most of it, then we skipped to the end, where the girl burns her face with the acid blood. Then I came back, and watched Marley & Me. Such a good film. I was close to tears at the end! Marley reminds me of my Aunty's dog, who is living with us at the moment (with my aunty), Cooly, whos a labradoodle. Then we walked Cooly. It was dark, and cold at first. So I had the hood of my Superdry hoodie up, and my Superdry coat on top. So we walked, and then got back.
Happy Monday two followers. :)

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