Sunday, 15 November 2009

You've got the love I need to see me through.

I went shopping today, for my christmas presents. I had £175. I started off in New Look, where I got nothing. Then we walked around. I didn't buy anything until we went into Cult. I bought a shirt from Superdry, for £45. Then we went to Accesorize, where I bought an Eiffel Tower necklace for £12. Then back to Cult, where I bought another Superdry hoodie for £55. I love Superdry so much. Lol. (: By the end of the day, other than those three items, I had a black vest, white/black quilted flats with chain detail, pearl headband, two notebooks, a5 sketchbook, a book (forgotten name) and I think thats it. Oh, and Elle, Teen Vogue and Glamour (Free nails inc. nail varnish - I got hot pink).

Then when I got home, I ordered some more The Script merchandise - a t-shirt and badges.

Happy Sunday all :)


  1. sounds good, i love christmas shopping for my friends :)

    ps, i changed the name of my blog, which now means that the people who followed me before i changed it, cant get onto my blog? so could you possibly unfollow, and then re-follow me by going onto if you still want to follow me that is :) thank you,
    ells, xo

  2. i like ur blog and follow ur blog hope u like my blog and follow...

  3. i loved your blog i hope youll like my blog follow me!